The Greatest Video Game Made


I added The Last Sleeper to my list of Kickstart projects today.  I really think the music by Erik Aadahl is well done.  The latest update has a nice track, you should take a listen  I’m also intrigued by the story of the game, and it sounds like the game designer has face some serious adversity getting the project this far.  Add your support, only a few hours left!

The Last SleeperThe Last Sleeper

Here’s another batch of interesting game project I’ve supporting on Kickstarter.  They a look they need more support:

UFHO2 – A Turn-based Strategy Game

Organ Trail: Director’s Cut
Organ Trail

LangGuini a Card Game!
LangGuini a Card Game!

Puzzle Me! – A Family-Friendly Board Game
Puzzles Me!

Unity3D #pragma strict Gotch

I was working with some code in a book today and could not figure out why a variable was giving me problems.

Unknown idenifier: ‘mesh’. (BCE0005)

I don’t usually program using JavaScript much less with MonoDevlop, so it took me a while.  Turns out, it’s a little thing:

#pragma strict

I was using it, and the book wasn’t.  They didn’t declare the variable in the example unlike ALL the other ones! That’s why it is unknown, it IS unknown.  The sample code that came with the book compiled because it doesn’t have the #pragma strict.

2011 Indie of the Year

Indie of the Year Awards

Venus Patrol

I’ve added Venus Patrol to my stable of Kickstarter projects.   It’s basically rebooting Offworld for Boing Boing which went silent back in 2009.

September 13, 2011

Bulk Insert Tip and Gotchas

A follow up tip to using the Bulk Insert trick with SQL Server.  You can edit the files using Excel and get around the broken comma escape problem by change the Windows setting for what a list delimiters is and using the pipe character, |, instead.  Source: Change Delimiter For Csv Export – Tip

Another gotcha I ran into is that the Bulk Insert doesn’t always use the id in the Identity columns and you can run into weird foegirn key problems.  You have to add the KEEPIDENTITY setting, for example:

BULK INSERT [dbo].[tablename]
FROM ‘C:tabeldatatablename.csv’

Role Base Custom Errors

Interesting way to use aspnetdb Roles to give developers detailed errors reports: Tip/Trick: Show Detailed ASP.NET Error Messages to Developers (and only to Developers)