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Small Worlds
There is game called Small Worlds by David Shute I want take a moment to highlight. I played it back in 2009, and it won CGDC #6. I can’t tell you how many times this game has entered my thoughts during brainstorming sessions. Here are several reason I can identify why this game has stuck in my mind. First, its beautiful art.  The fact that it is pixel art adds to my amazement. It seems within grasp of my art ability, but I doubt it, all great art seems easy. Second, the game is compelling, you want to know the story behind the world and your character. The story moves forwards because of the scenery, not because of what anyone says. The visuals hint at what has happen and propels you forward, you must know. Third, the music (by Kevin MacLeod) is wonderful. It adds the perfect atmosphere which induces this compelling feeling of wonder and amazement.


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I’m about half way throught this weekend’s Ludum Dare 21 (althought the traffic level is really bad right now.)  The theme is Escape.

Tools so far:

My Pac Man mechanic isn’t exactly fun, but it too late in the contest now to change :(   I’m using momentum or forces to move the player, which at least one interesting difference over the classic game.  This make moving around a little less straight forward, and might have some emergent strategies, we’ll see.

Interesting! Notch of Minecraft fame is video streaming live as he programs his Ludum Dare 21 entry!!



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Screenshot of SteamBirds

SteamBirds, planes and dog fights!

Imagine if someone updated that old Atari combat game.  You know, the one with the planes flying in circle and hiding behind the pixel cloud.  Mix in a story about cold fusion, make it turn based and you’d have: Steam Birds The interface is well done, and a joy to interact with.   The story is interesting, fusion is discovered in the 1800s!?!

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The Pax Britannica mothership

The Pax Britannica mothership prepares to launch fighters.

Found this wonderful space strategy game called Pax Britannica.  It’s more of a demo, but good for a few minutes of fun.  I like the interesting trade off between time, the need for superior numbers and the fighter’s need to be launched in large groups to be effective.  The game is a the results GAMMA IV which, I belive is a game development contest.  It appears theme was “one button.”

Play by downloading Pax Britannica here.

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